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Offline Catalogue

To download the new EFS Offline Catalogue (desktop only)

If you are updating your EFS Offline Catalogue - please delete your old and efs_offline_catalogue folders currently on your desktop


1) Download the EFS Offline Catalogue

  • Right+click on the download link below and Save target as (or Save link as on some computers)
  • Your computer will ask you where to save the file, so browse to your desktop and press save

Download EFS Catalogue

Right+click this link



2) Extract the files

  • The EFS Offline Catalogue is downloaded as a ZIP file and needs to be extracted
  • Go to your desktop and create a folder call EFS Offline Catalogue
  • Navigate to the file called that you just downloaded to your desktop
  • Right+click (or Double+click) on the file called and Extract All
  • Navigate the file path to your Desktop > EFS Offline Catalogue and Extract



3) Open index.html

  • To start browsing your EFS Offline Catalogue, go to the folder called efs_offline_catalogue on your desktop
  • Find the file called index.html and open it